Saturday, 9 July 2016

Scenes of everyday ordinariness

Weather that can't quite make up its mind. A chilly wind. Patches of sunlight. One kid crafting colourful paper garlands with buttons. A dusting of paper snippets and glitter under the table where she works. One basket of freshly-brought in laundry. One old dog lying on the mat, paws twitching. Some forgotten bits of stolen fruit left scattered on the back lawn after a visit from a troupe of vervet monkeys. A pot of soup prepared early, cooking on the stove. One little one asleep in her cot. Some half-forgotten games left scattered around the house. One laptop accusingly open and unattended. 

This is how the hours of the day are tallied up. 

How one more day slips by.


  1. I love scenes of everyday (and I have to admit I started a bit at that last picture...forgetting for a minute where you live!). All the things that make up the perfect day and the not so perfect day. and how cute is your collection of baby butts?!?

    1. Thanks, Rachel.
      Lol, those monkeys are very cute but can be a real pest - stealing food out the kitchen!

  2. This is so lovely! And yes, the days do slip by, but here you've caught some beautiful snippets of today's everday, which will one day seem so far away. (And so great to see your gorgeously colourful home!)



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