Monday, 21 December 2015


Summer is here. The air is so moist you can almost wear it on your skin like a tangible, physical thing. The house is thrown open to any passing breeze, the veranda becomes its heart. The kid reports daily on the approach of Christmas according to her advents calendar; the little one steals baubles off the tree, their sparkles too irresistible for her little reaching fingers as she toddles about. We bake on a mercifully cooler day, with friends, stars and moons and hearts with floury hands. A few days are spent in a rustic beach cottage on the South Coast overlooking the ocean. Salt, sand mingling, our constant companions. Rock pools are explored. The Indian ocean dragging at our feet, leaving sea life treasures in the coarse sand as it recedes momentarily. Time for reflection, for appreciating the year gone by, for a pause before casting eyes forward.  Words wind down lazily. Thoughts slowly disintegrate into the now.


  1. Finally getting back into a routine of visiting my favorite spaces...

    The photo at the top is incredible...that water is about the most perfect color of blue. Your few days in a rustic cabin overlooking the Indian Ocean sounds like an amazing escape! I hope you and your family had a relaxing (and cool'ish) holiday season!

    1. Hi Rachel, it was lovely and soul-restoring! Can't believe it's the new year and back to work. Hope you had a good break too.



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