Friday, 20 November 2015

Pen and paper

Where has the time gone? Why are there Christmas decorations up when I go grocery shopping? All of a sudden I feel like I'm peering at the bottom of a cup, examining the dregs of the year, feeling a bit cheated, like there wasn't much tea to start with.

And in all of this, I'm trying to capture moments of stillness. They're so rare and precious these days. To just sit and think without being compelled to do something. To fight off the electronic distractions.

For some reason I don't consider a pen and notebook a distraction. They're tools of thought, the paper quiet and blank, the pen single-minded and present. Among our many electronic tools, we often forget the inalienable link between thought, hand, pen and page. They become one process. The page blankly reflects my own thoughts without offering up other distractions. The pen can take me nowhere else.

And so, by committing pen to paper, there are still moments of stillness to be found.

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