Thursday, 3 September 2015


Days that feel like a hundred things all grabbed together; a cup of coffee, my bag and theirs, keys, notes, last minute-thinking, a mind of scattered thoughts, the day's intentions. Days of rushing, hands full, always heavy. Always on the way to somewhere else; another task, another goal, another item on a list. From a Monday to a Friday, a morning to an evening. I have to remind myself to not be impatient with every moment, to not hasten all of them along. Not to think 'enough of this, now on to that'. So when a pause comes, glittering, shimmering in the quiet afternoon light, I force myself to appreciate how time hangs suspended in its brilliance.


  1. These words...different activities but the same rush in my world. Today I was able to pause, albeit briefly. I found myself lying on the grass, looking at the sky and clouds and just breathing. It was too short, but I savored what I had. Here's hoping you find those moments here and there as well.

    1. Thank you! Lying on the grass just looking at the sky is definitely something that should be done more often =)



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