Thursday, 27 November 2014

The book with a hole

Books are so fantastically diverse; that's what's so great about them! Some books stretch the boundaries of what a book should be to the point where its pages transform into a toy, a prop, a prompt, a springboard into our imagination...

One such book is The book with a hole by Herve Tullet. It is exactly that, a book with a hole right through the middle, but instead of there being something missing, it provides a host of endless possibilities with which to weave our own stories and scenarios. Tullet's black and white illustrations are simple and allow the reader to be as inventive as they like; one minute the hole can be a statue, a scene of what's on a TV set, a face, a plate of food, a scary crocodile that's just waiting to snap off someone's fingers. Questions prompt the reader to begin imagining an answer and so the stories begin...

It's a fantastic book to share with children and the kid and I had some fun with it and her little baby sister the other day. This book is sure to result in an afternoon of giggles and silliness!

"Did she eat too much too?"

"Who lives here?"

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