Wednesday, 23 April 2014

World Book Day

Reading. It's such a fundamental part of life. It's an addiction I want to share with the kid and basically everyone else. But how? World Book Day has brought some of these questions to the top of my mind and was something we celebrated at work.

Everyone knows that reading is important. Knows it in that superficial, rote-learned way. Like a well-rehearsed mantra. But do we act this out in our daily lives? Do we let our children/students/colleagues see us reading and living that message? When we honestly look in the mirror do we see a reader? Or do we simply join the chorus on these occasions when we know it's the right answer?

These questions become particularly pertinent when one works in education; it is after all, teachers who are mandated to not only teach children to read, but to teach them to love reading. I often wonder how many teachers/teaching students are readers themselves. I hear the deafening chorus of "reading is important" but does anyone actually read? And more importantly, can you really teach a love of reading if it is not something that you feel yourself?

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