Thursday, 19 December 2013

South Coast impressions

A creaky, old cottage overlooking the ocean... time with dear friends... the temperaments of a moody sky mirrored in the sea's vast surface... dense green everywhere in the chaotic manner that coastal bush has; every now and then a banana tree reaching above the mass like a waving hand... pops of bright hibiscus blossoms and frangiapani... the rumble of a train rushing along tracks sewn like trimming along the coast... the sticky feeling of salty air and not wearing shoes for days on end... gathering sea shell-treasures with the kid during walks on the beach and putting her to sleep to the roar of the ocean after being up far too late with the grown-ups...

yes, it's definitely time to unplug... time for holidays... so until next year then and thank you to everyone for your support of this little creative space.

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