Saturday, 23 November 2013


As much as I like words and playing around with them, this weekend is for different things... for being fully in the present moment and spending time with friends and family, for making bead necklaces and playing dress-up, for baking a cake and eating it, for all those things that make days both ordinary and special. 

But... seeing as I've been appreciating poetry at the moment, I'm going to leave you with The Word Party by Richard Edwards taken from 100 Best Poems for Children.

The Word Party
Loving words clutch crimson roses,
Rude words sniff and pick their noses,
Sly words come dressed up as foxes,
Short words stand on cardboard boxes,
Common words tell jokes and gabble,
Complicated words play Scrabble,
Swear words stamp around and shout,
Hard words stare each other out,
Foreign words trip on the rug,
Long words slouch with stooping shoulders,
Code words carry secret folders,
Silly words flick rubber bands,
Hyphenated words hold hands,
Strong words show off, bending metal, 
Sweet words call each other 'petal',
Small words yawn and suck their thumbs,
Till at last the morning comes,
Kind words give out farewell posies...
Snap! The dictionary closes.

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