Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dear neglected blog

Life has a habit of getting in the way of creative outlets (with me anyway). Life crops up at moments set aside for writing. Life demands attention. Life generally ignores my to-do lists and plans. Life comes along (sometimes cheerful, sometimes limping) and distracts me with its whims. That's life I suppose.

One of the things that did get done, was returning overdue books to the library and taking Come away from the water, Shirley out. I love this book. It's about Shirley and her parents who take a trip to the beach. Her parents set up deckchairs and settled down for a relaxing time doing nothing, while Shirley sets off on an adventure fighting pirates and retrieving treasure. I love the way the mundane adult world of her parents' warnings and comments to Shirley ("Don't get your shoes dirty" or "Don't throw the stones too high or you'll hurt someone") is contrasted with the child's all-enveloping, imaginative world of adventure and fun.

It kind of reminded me of my life. I say boring things like "It's bath time" or "if you don't brush your teeth they'll fall out",  while the kid is off fighting monsters and holding people so small you can't see them in her hands.

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